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Who You Gonna Call?

Jesus truck in Aurora, IL, USA Credit: Adam Burk/Flickr/Creative Commons

Jesus truck in Aurora, IL, USA Credit: Adam Burk/Flickr/Creative Commons

“If there’s something strange in your neighborhood,
Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!
If there’s something weird and it don’t look good,
Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!”

This advice comes from Ray Parker who wrote this very popular theme song for the movie Ghostbusters.

I bet some of you are singing that song right now!

While the idea of a bunch of guys driving a hearse and chasing ghosts made for a fun movie, is it true? Can mere humans defeat spirits?

Now I am a sports fan. And there are some games that I would like to see but I must say this would be a blow out. Not worth paying money for that’s for sure. Just like paying hundreds of dollars to watch a fight that ends with the first punch. Better to save your money and not bother.

Yeah I know I just made all the Hollywood movie types mad at me and they’ll probably get the Illuminati to delete me, but it’s true. We are just not a match for the unseen world.

Let me put this into perspective. In one corner, we have Andy the Awesome! (That’s me). In the other corner we have The Tempter!

Who am I gonna call? Not the Ghostbusters. Not the psychic hotline. Not even the Witch of Endor that Saul tricked into conjuring up Samuel.

Nope when The Tempter starts swirling around my head and trying to poke at me and get me to think or do things that are stupid, I’m gonna call…Jesus!

That’s right! The one, the only, the Flesh! The Word! The Creator! God Himself!

That nasty tempter spirit won’t have a chance. Before I even get out of my corner, Jesus has that spirit banished from my side.

In sports, just like at work, you have tools and resources that help you have victory. Right now I use a laptop, my cell phone, and a whack of paper pads. My sons are plumbers. They have a bunch of tools and I sure hope that one of them is a pair of suspenders. Please no plumber cracks!

In the Christian world, one of the best tools we have is choice. Bad spirits cannot overtake us unless we chose to let them in. The flip side of that is that along with being God, Jesus is also a gentleman. He will knock and you have to let him in.

My life would be a whole lot easier if Jesus would just kick my door down and put me on Christian auto pilot! But he knows more than I do so I invited him in and now I have authority to get rid of all those treacherous spirits trying to get me to do foolish things. Of course, I have to choose to get rid of them. That’s really my part in this battle.

In the movie, Ghostbusters, some poor soul would call them and ask them to come get rid of the ghost. They still had to make a choice to get rid of it. The same for me except that I don’t have to use the phone. I decide I don’t want this thing bugging me anymore. Then I ask Jesus for help and he deals with it.

And just like the Ghostbusters had their uniforms, which were pretty cool by the way, I get an awesome uniform to wear. It’s called the Armor of God and its best description is in Ephesians 6: 11-17. That’s right; I get to dress like a knight complete with shield and sword.

So the next time there’s something strange in your neighborhood or something weird that don’t look good, don’t call Ghostbusters or some psychic hotline. Call God, You’ll be glad you did!

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