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Did Danish mainline media hit piece on evangelist Torben Søndergaard distort the truth?

Credit: YouTube capture/The Last Reformation

Evangelist Torben Søndergaard Credit: YouTube capture/The Last Reformation

In my previous life, I worked for an organization that often waded into political issues as it believed in smaller government and lower taxes.

Shortly after I began working for them, I started getting harassing phone calls from an older gentlemen who believed the exact opposite. But the main gist of his conversation revolved around the accusation, that the organization I was working for was a front for another group that held a similar opinion.

Now I completely respected this other non-profit organization. In fact, it wouldn’t have bothered me if we were associated with them.

But we weren’t.

After he called me three or four more times repeating this accusation, I finally got tired of it and in what would ultimately be my last conversation with him, he said that despite my denials he knew it was true.

I answered:

“Sir, the last thing you are interested in is the truth.”

There was stunned silence on the other end of the phone and it was obvious by the brief conversation that followed I had deeply offended him. I had offended him by speaking the truth. He never called again and I do not regret one word that I spoke to him.

If the truth offends you, then it is on you.

This in my opinion describes some (certainly not all) in the media today. They are not journalist, but rather activists pushing their agenda and for some, it seems that the last thing they are interested in is the truth.

I was recently watching a podcast, that you can view at the end of this article, by Torben Søndergaard, a healing evangelist in Denmark, who has been the target of attacks by some in the media over the last several days.

He has been the focus of several stories on national TV news, that even included a live interview.

According to Søndergaard, two undercover reporters had actually attended his church and were secretly recording what was taking place. Søndergaard alleges they even became Christians, and allowed the evangelist to water baptize them by immersion which was the first time Søndergaard became suspicious. He says in the video:

“I [Søndergaard] would say that I had no clue. I didn’t imagine that could happen…

But it was crazy. I had no idea until they came out of the water. Then I had that — something’s off. There is something off.

Because when people come out of water — they are changed. You see it.”

During their undercover sting operation, one reporter asked the evangelist repeatedly about medicine and they even recorded him praying for the sick. They also recorded him stating that God was bigger than medicine and God could heal people.

Søndergaard says the private recordings were then used for a TV story where they allegedly accused the evangelist of telling people with mental health issues to throw away their anti-depressant medicine.

As the media spun this story, they interviewed politicians and medical practitioners who were calling for the police to charge Søndergaard with practicing medicine or giving medical advice without a license.

If found guilty, he could receive a fine and even a four month jail sentence.

Søndergaard says that he never tells people to throw away their medication and in the very recording they used of him praying for a person with a mental illness, he does exactly that.  When the woman asked Søndergaard what she should do now:

“I [Søndergaard] said: ‘Go to your doctor. Let the doctor check you and let the doctor see you are changed and then let him sign you off the medicine.'”

But Søndergaard alleges the Danish news network did not include this statement, which they had recorded, in their news story. When Søndergaard challenged them on it, he alleges the TV station said it had lost the clip.

But that all changed, when they wanted to interview Søndergaard on live TV.  He told them no, stating he refused to be part of any interview because they had lost that clip of him telling the woman to consult her doctor.

But the Danish TV station wanted the interview and Søndergaard says that incredibly they were able to find that missing clip. So the evangelist agreed to the interview and they added that missing clip to the broadcast. However, Søndergaard alleges the TV station did it in such a way to minimize its exposure.

But as a result, Søndergaard was able to give a clear presentation of the gospel on live TV to hundreds of thousands of people.

Welcome to the new world.

The same stuff is happening to Christians in America. You have probably heard what happened to some teenage boys from Covington High School, a private Catholic high school:

More coverage:

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