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Hate the Wait?

Credit: Renato Domingos/Flickr/Creative Commons

Credit: Renato Domingos/Flickr/Creative Commons

Who here loves waiting?

Okay I know there is really nobody in the room with me except Spot, my lovely Italian Greyhound. And yes, if it means he can sleep on the couch, then he loves waiting.

I am a weird guy and I don’t mind waiting sometimes. But only if there are people more interesting than me in the waiting room.

The other day I was in a doctor’s office with my granddaughter. There were only two moms and two kids in there so when we sat down I wasn’t feeling particularly optimistic about being entertained.

But I was saved from the boredom of cats playing piano by a young toddler named George. I might have changed his name to protect his mom, so if you were in a waiting room with a toddler named George and if George is your son, this isn’t about you. Honest!

So my granddaughter and I are deciding where to sit in and we decided on a couple of corner seats. Little George was playing with some toys. This kid was obviously an experienced escape artist.  He played with a little truck and kept it driving it closer to the door.

And then, and this is the interesting part, he stood up looked right at Mom and started the sideways walk. You know that walk. The child looks at you and then starts inching towards the door while still facing you.

So little George does the sideways walk. His Mom says “George stay here!” Over and over again he keeps inching towards the door.

“Run George run!” I encouraged him hopefully just in my head, of course.

Then George turned into the flash. He was out the door and halfway to the elevator before Mom was out of her chair. Had the elevator door been open, George would have been free!

Alas poor George! Freedom was not to be had this day. Back in the waiting room and this time Mom sat herself closer to the door. George knew it was over.

I looked at my granddaughter. She’s thirteen and taller than me. She giggled and for a second the image of some old grey haired guy chasing after a young teen was very quickly followed by images of police cars and awkward conversations.

Her name was called and I was saved by the doctor.


Waiting is not always this exciting though. There are times we wait in much more tense waiting rooms or hospitals. Waiting for test results or the results of a job interview turn minutes into hours and hours into days. Where’s George when you need him?

The spiritual waiting room is full at times. Other times, it is just us, by ourselves waiting for the Lord to invite us into the office.

Remember our little hero, George? I wonder how long he was waiting before he made a run for it.

Maybe you are tired of waiting for God to do something and you want to make a run for it. Just do something, anything rather than wait on what God wants you to do. I know I have felt like giving up on my prayer requests and move on to the next thing.

When we do that, when we leave the waiting room and spring for that elevator out of God’s will, is there anyone who will chase after us and carry us back? I hope so.

Don’t pull a George! Waiting is part of this world and waiting is part of our spiritual journey as well. Instead of losing patience and walking or running away, use the time to prepare yourself.

Listen to what God is telling you by making you wait.

God doesn’t make us wait because it makes him feel good. He doesn’t make us wait because his last one put him behind schedule. He allows us to wait for us to pray, plan, and prepare for what he has in store for us next. It may be completely different from what we expect.

And it will be good. Very good.


  1. I really appreciated reading your article . . . it’s so good! It is good to be reminded to wait for God’s timing and trust Him.


    • Thanks for your comments. I appreciate it when people take the time to let me know their opinions. A while back a man in our men’s ministry kept hearing from God that he was supposed to tell me to be patience and to wait. According to what God told him, my wait would be rewarded. I sure didn’t like waiting but I did. You see, there was an opportunity for ministry that I was considering but I was to wait fro God to go ahead of me and open doors and prepare not just myself but others as well. Once everything was ready the doors opened and now I am trying to keep up with what God is doing! Thanks again for taking the time to write your comments. God Bless, Andy


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