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More blood-red rivers, a sign of the times?

Dedza, Malawi site of the most recent river turning blood red. Credit: Brian Dell/Public Domain/Wikipedia

Dedza, Malawi site of the most recent river turning blood red. Credit: Brian Dell/Public Domain/Wikipedia

Breaking Israel News (BIN) reported on two curious incidents that occurred the end of December when two rivers turned blood-red, one in Africa and one in Indonesia.

According to a report on Malawi 24, the Linthipe River near Dedza, Malawi, Africa, turned blood-red and was first noticed when the women of the town went down to the river to launder their clothes . Dedza is located just 85 km south of the country’s capital Lilonqwe.

Malawi 24 quoted one woman in the village who stated:

“As usual, we came to this place to wash our clothes besides drawing water for home use. But to our surprise we saw that blood like stuff was flowing in the river. This scared us and we called some people to witness the bizarre circumstances.”

It is uncertain at this point what caused the river to turn blood-red on December 24, 2018 and though the river eventually returned to its normal color, according to MWnation, the rivers sudden turning caused a panic among the people in the town quoting one woman who said:

“It was around 2pm when women who went to the river to wash and fetch water noticed that the river had turned red. Nobody knows what happened and we are all scared here.”

Coincidentally the same week, a small river on the Indonesia half of New Guinea, the second largest island in the world, also turned blood-red. The river is located near Jayapura, the capital city of the province of Papua.

Though the Jews largely rejected Christ as the Jewish Messiah, BIN goes on to report that Orthodox Jews today are looking for the first coming of their Messiah and many believe His arrival is imminent. The Israeli news site quoted Rabbi Pinchas Winston who said the Jewish Messiah’s arrival will be proceeded by the ten plagues of Egypt that took place before Israel’s deliverance out of Egypt.

Winston told BIN:

“Many know that a comparison is made between the redemption from Egypt and the final one for which we now wait. However, few know just how comparable they are.”

One of the plagues included turning the Nile River red which symbolized the death of the Nile god, one of the three major deities of Egypt that also included the sun and the ox.

Christians, who accept Jesus as the Jewish Messiah, are looking for His Second coming and many believe the Lord’s second return is also imminent.

According to the Book of Revelation, the Apostle John’s vision of the end times, he saw rivers and oceans turning red as a sign of Christ’s soon return:

The second angel poured out his bowl into the sea, and it became blood like that of a dead man; and every living [a]thing in the sea died.

Then the third angel poured out his bowl into the rivers and the springs of waters; and they became blood. (Revelation 16:3-4 NASV)

Though some in the town of Dedza believed Satan caused their river to turn red, it is clear from the Book of Revelation that angels of God turned the rivers and seas blood-red as both a judgment and a warning. In the Book of Exodus, the Nile River turning red was part of the judgements of God against Egypt due to its mistreatment of the people of God.

These are not the first time in recent years of bodies of water turning blood-red. There have been several media reports of rivers in China, Russia, Ghana and Holland turning blood-red and as well the same thing happening to lakes in France and Texas.

It is difficult to know if these occurrences are a part of what the Apostle John saw or are simply a precursor of what is to come.


Other reports of rivers and lakes turning blood-red:


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