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ARGENTINA 2008 – ‘Spring up O Well’

Credit: Tony Webster/Flickr/Creative Commons

Credit: Tony Webster/Flickr/Creative Commons

We were in Argentina in 2008 and had made contact with a church in Resistencia that had been involved in the powerful revival that shook that country in the 1950s. I believe God had sent me to Argentina to open the revival wells and bring it north to Canada.

The pastor of the Resistencia church, Alejandro Juszczuk, had invited me to speak.

I Corinthians 12:4-6 says that there are varieties of gifts, ministries and effects, but the same God who works. It is not up to me to tell God, but to follow Him.

When I got to the service the next morning and stood in the pulpit, after Alejandro Juszczuk said “Peter, you speak” and I said “Yes, Alejandro, I will speak” I looked to see if the Sign from God was in place. The ministry couple was sitting in Row 4, on the aisle, just as God had told me. So in obedience to the Sign from God I opened the Revival Well.

The revival that had occurred in the 1950’s was one of salvations and a lot of miraculous healing. We did what we knew to do to open a well; we sang to it, we declared the words “Open Resistencia Fountain” and intercessors danced around the well. We did all that we knew how to do to dig the well in the spirit. After doing this the four of us Robin, Mike, Wayne and I (Peter) formed 4 lines on the floor and started to pray for the sick believing that the well was open.

The power of God was immediately evident and I didn’t know what was happening in the other three prayer lines for my line was filled with people. I was very glad of a 2nd opportunity for on the second trip a girl in a wheelchair was brought to me and through the Interpreter I understood that she was born without the exterior parts of her brain.

When I asked the Lord about her condition he spoke to me about a wolf that had stolen that part and I knew I was dealing with something in the spiritual realm. I saw the depiction that’s in Rome of the wolf that was feeding Romulus and Remus, the twins. I prayed for her and I rebuked this spirit.

One day on that trip, after this experience, I left the Covadonga Hotel and walked to a park. There at the park there was a statue that said “A Gift from Rome”. It was a statue of a wolf feeding the twins Romulus and Remus.   The story of Romulus and Remus is the story about the founding of the City of Rome and the Roman Empire.

Now, in my healing line, this girl, two years older than she was before, was brought to me. I went over to her wheelchair and with more knowledge I rebuked the spirit that had stolen from her and asked for God to do a creative miracle. I have always been challenged to believe for God to create something that doesn’t exist, rather than heal something that has already been created. I didn’t speak the language of the people I was praying for and I really didn’t know what effects had occurred. I knew of the healing gifts and I knew of ministry but I didn’t know what effects had occurred.

In the lunch after the service Robin brought a young boy to me. The boy was very excited for he could hear for the first time in his life out of BOTH ears. He had been born deaf in one ear. His outside ear looked normal but his mother said he had never heard in this ear since he was born. The doctors had examined and x-rayed his ear and he had no inner parts; no hammer, no anvil, no stirrup. The boy was saying he could hear. This creative miracle took place in Robin’s prayer line. After that day the boy was taken back to the doctor and his ear was x-rayed. God had created the inner parts of his ear that hadn’t existed before.

I was hoping for a full expression of the Open Fountain with many miracles being done, but as always I understood that it is God who releases the effects. The Resistencia Fountain was Open, but it was only, for me, a letting out of water from which the full breakout would come later. (The name Resistencia comes from the fact that the people of that area, Chaco, had resisted the spreading of Christianity in that area.) A complete breakthrough as God did back in Clifford Long’s day; only one convert in 13 years, but his perseverance released a Revival in Resistencia when 3000 showed up at his house saying “How do we get saved?”

The next day of our Conference the people dedicated themselves to God, they consecrated their families and the church building for God’s use. Many ministries from different parts of the world spoke to bring a word of encouragement and blessing to Alejandro. One further blessing for me was again seeing Rolando Sanchez whom I hadn’t seen for 5 years. His most excellent spirit and generous nature had welcomed me on my first trip to Resistencia.

We left Resistencia and returned home. There was still a question in my mind, who is Alejandro Juszczuk, why would these people from all over the world come to open his new building?

My wife showed me some stories of the 1950’s and a 17 year old bible school student at City Bell, Argentina had experienced an Angelic visitation. That visitation continued at City Bell Bible School and became a wonderful revival. This 17 year old had experienced Heavenly Visitations and a move of the Spirit of God – this 17 year old, Sasha, was now 71 and his full name is Alejandro Juszczuk. I then understood why Alejandro had so welcomed me because, like with him, an Angel had visited me and spoke about the Argentinian Revival.


I continue to await further instructions and my Heavenly Father brought people to our church whose family had been involved in the Revival in North Battleford, Saskatchewan in 1948. My wife and I were favoured and were introduced to travelling Elders with this group called Global Missions.   God gave me a mandate to re-open the Revival Well in North Battleford. With full permission and a sign accompanying, four of us and 3 people on Skype legally re-opened the North Battleford Revival Well. I now knew that I had been allowed to re-open the Revival Well in Resistencia and to re-open the North Battleford Revival Well that broke out in different parts of the world. I still look for the full breaking out of this spirit in Saskatchewan.

As you are reading this article three of us are packing up our suitcases, for Alejandro, who is now 85, has said “PETER, YOU COME NOW”.


So I will be meeting the Lord in Resistencia at the Fountain and I will tell you what happens after I return.

This has been a long process, 15 years in the making. I have walked with different people over that time, and I deeply appreciate all of those who have journeyed with me. Some went to Resistencia with me, some believed what God had said to me, some have prayed and fasted calling out to God, some gave financially so that the burden would not be just on those who were going; no story like this is one man’s story and so for all that participated I say “Thank you.”


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