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Ice problems north and south

Northern Arctic Credit: Chase Dekker/Flickr/Creative Commons

Northern Arctic Credit: Chase Dekker/Flickr/Creative Commons

English explorer Pen Hadow was planning to sail from Alaska to the North Pole this year to reveal the impact that man-made global warming has had on reducing ice in Canada’s arctic.

In an article in the UK Times, a representative for the group said:

“The secondary objective is to sail as far north as the sea ice safely allows us, possibly even to the North Pole.”

However, this expedition made up of two sail boats was forced to cancel its trip because of excessive ice surrounding the North Pole.

According to the director of America’s National Snow and Ice Data Center (ANSIDC), Professor Mark Serreze, a person could only reach the North Pole with an ice breaker, because it “was still surrounded by nearly 800 miles of solid packed ice as of last week.”

ANSIDC reported that this year’s ice bank was the fifth lowest level of ice concentration in the arctic recorded by satellite images.

If you read between the lines it shows the ice cap was much lower several times in the past than what we see today despite the fact we are pouring record amounts of C02 into the atmosphere each year.

This may suggest that the ice bed is starting to return as some have stated.

It is certainly part of a regular cycle of melting and freezing that has been going on in the arctic for centuries. Articles published in 1940 and 1958 reported both unusually warm temperature in the Arctic and reduced concentrations of ice.

This melting is not new.

New York Times and newspaper clippings: Credit Real Climate Scientist

Either way it tells us that other natural factors aside from CO2 are impacting ice concentrations in the arctic. No one disagrees that global warming and cooling does take place, what many question is how much man is impacting temperatures.

If CO2 is the sole cause of global warming, then higher concentrations should result in rising temperatures. But even man-made warming advocates are finally acknowledging that global temperatures stopped increasing 15 years ago.

Meanwhile in the Antarctic, activists say man-made global warming is the reason for the ice melt taking place there. But there has always have been a problem with this theory; though parts of the Antarctic has experienced melting, other areas have seen an increase in the ice bed.

In fact, NASA has admitted despite the melt in certain areas there has been an overall increase in the amount of ice on the earth’s southern cap.

Nevertheless, the decline in certain areas has been trumpeted as proof of man-made global warming. As well, the appearance of a large crack in the ice made headlines around the world as activists proclaimed it as further evidence.

However, there are things lurking beneath the surface that are throwing a wrench into that theory.


In a recent report, researchers state they have found evidence of at least 91 volcanoes below the antarctic ice bed. This would make it one of the highest concentrations of volcanoes in the world even rivaling the East African Rift Valley.

The group working out of the Edinburgh’s School of GeoSciences that found these volcanoes suspects there are even more.

It is uncertain how many are active, but recent volcanic activity around the world suggest a high probability some are.

Since volcanoes produce a tremendous amount of heat, is it possible that even low-level volcanic activity could be contributing to the Antarctic’s ice melt?

It would certainly explain why certain areas of the Antarctica are melting, while other areas are seeing an ice increase.


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  1. Neil Montgomery says

    Great Article Dean
    There are literally 100’s of environmental scientists who agree with this article and others like it, but mainstream media is controlled by those with a myriad of hidden agendas. Keeping the masses in the dark and feeding them untruth is an easy task these days as the masses are too lazy to do any research themselves. This is my opinion only but as I talk to even people in my circle I find myself encircled with a gullible and lazy people


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