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The 20-year global warming pause?

What else could cause global warming? Credit: CipherN/Flickr/Creative Commons

What else could be causing global warming? Credit: CipherN/Flickr/Creative Commons

A recent paper written by climate scientist Benjamin Santer has caused a stir among those entrenched in the man-made global warming camp and those who are not. In his paper published on Nature Geoscience, Santer, who believed in man-made global warming , stated that there has been no global warming for the past 18 years.

This is nothing short of heresy among global warming activists.

For several years skeptics have pointed out that satellite records reveal there has been no warming on earth for nearly two decades. If CO2 is the cause of global warming, this warming should not have stopped because the world continues to pour record amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere each year.

This pause suggests other natural forces must be affecting climate temperature.

Global warming activists were predictably outraged and those in skeptic camp shocked when Santer’s paper came out.

One climate scientist Roger A Pielke Sr tweeted “Wow!” when he read the news.

Santer, along with Carl Mears, manage the Remote Sensing satellite temperature data set. But in his paper not only did Santer agree that global warming has stopped, he even took a shot at the sacred cow of man-made global warmists — computer modelling.

Using computer software, global warming activists provide simulations predicting all the horrible things that will happen if we don’t reign in CO2 emissions. These scare tactics have been effectively used to convince politicians to reduce carbon emissions either through taxation or regulation.

But in his paper, Santer pointed out that in the face of rising CO2 emissions the computer models were wrong in predicting earth temperatures. If they made a mistake on this basic connection, what else are these computer simulations getting wrong?

In an earlier blog post written in 2016, Santer and Mears had actually criticized those who said there was a pause in Global warming. Today, Santer is basically retracting that statement and admitting there is a pause — global temperatures are not rising and have not risen for 18 years.

Does this mean Santer has become a skeptic, probably not, but he is at least accepting the facts.

Though activists want people to believe all climate scientists agree there is a man-made cause to global warming. This is simply not the case.

Everyone generally agrees that the world has gone through a warming phase, what they disagree on is the cause: is it man-made CO2 or natural?

Since 2014, over 400 papers have been written by climate scientists about the strong link between global temperatures and sun activity and some are even attributing the global warming pause to reduced sun spots.

In 2014, there were 93 papers written on this sun-temperature link. That increased to 133 papers in 2016 and so far this year, 80 papers have already been written supporting the connection between global temperatures and sun activity.




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