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Breaking curses being cast on government leaders

Pray for those in authority. Credit: thisisbossi/Flickr/Creative Commons

Pray for those in authority. Credit: thisisbossi/Flickr/Creative Commons

Charisma News recently reported on a bizarre op-ed that appeared in the Los Angeles Times on May 23, 2017. The author, Diana Wagman, has written several articles for the paper.

In her most recent, Wagman wrote about putting a “binding spell” on US President Donald Trump. What makes it even more strange is that Wagman claims not to be a devil worshiper, but decided to do her part joining thousands of like-minded people seeking to put a curse on  President Trump and his associates.

Wagman wrote:

“I cast a spell on the president. I was not alone. Thousands of witches, believers and people like me all over the world performed “A Spell to Bind Donald Trump and All Those Who Abet Him” under the waning crescent moon last month. It was not meant to physically hurt him, only to keep him from succeeding at his tasks. Now he’s complaining he’s the object of a “witch hunt.” Maybe the spell is working …”

Wagman actually researched “binding spells” before doing it. As part of her ritual, she found an orange candle, a tarot card and an  unflattering photo of the President. Then, while her husband watched TV in the other room, she performed the “binding curse” in the kitchen.

Though Wagman looks upon it as a “positive thinking” influence and not demonic, she planned to do it again at the next crescent moon that fell yesterday, May 23.

According to Charisma, the “binding spell” movement started several weeks earlier by a ‘medium’ and is now being used by thousands against the US presidency.

Though this has become quite public, it makes you wonder how many other world leaders are being targeted?

I don’t know what your feelings are about Donald Trump, but that doesn’t matter. As Christians we need to pray for our government leaders. When Paul encouraged believers to pray for those in authority, the emperor he was referring to was none other than Nero (1 Timothy 2:1-2).

Nero, who according to historians of the day blamed Christians for the fire that consumed Rome in 64 AD, sent Christians into the Colosseum to fight animals and used some as lights, tying them to poles, covering them in wax or oil and setting them on fire.

As Christians we must pray for our earthly leaders and to do this effectively, we must understand our authority in Christ.

Paul explains it best, when he wrote, “He (Jesus) had disarmed the rulers and authorities, He made a public display of them, having triumphed over them through him” (Colossians 2:15 NASV).

The word disarmed means to disrobe or remove the clothing and has the idea of plunder, the spoils of war.

The “public display” Paul mentioned refers to the Roman’s triumphant procession through the streets of Rome after their victory in battle. The defeated enemy leaders and soldiers were paraded in chains followed by the victorious general and the Romans who had been liberated by the action.

The plunder of war followed at the end displayed on carts for all to see.

In Ephesians 4:8, Paul again alludes to this procession when he says Christ led captive a host of captives. Three verses later, the apostle completes the analogy when he says the Lord gave the church gifts in the form of Apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, which is reminiscent of the Roman practice of distributing gifts or booty among the victorious soldiers.

I believe this celebration actually took place in the spiritual realm. Every demonic spirit was aware of the great victory as the sound of this conquest resounded throughout the spiritual world.

Though these are the accurate descriptions of what happened, this reality has yet to be fully enforced on earth. This is why in the Lord’s prayer, Jesus teaches us that God’s kingdom will come as we pray God’s will in heaven is accomplished on earth (Mat 6:10).

These verses outline one vital component of this battle and that is perspective – we must fight from the higher ground knowing that Satan is a defeated foe. At every turn, he will try to challenge that truth. He will challenge your position in Christ and test how much you really believe this.

If the father of all lies can cause you to question your victory, then you are walking down the road to defeat. The smallest wound of doubt will incapacitate us.

So pray for the leaders of your country, province or state as the victor!


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