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A woman’s perspective: “No, I am not sorry”

Not long ago,  I was conversing  with a co-worker.  I was telling her about  a YouTube video I had  seen.  It portrayed how often women say  “sorry” in a day.  She looked at  me and said, “you say sorry a lot”.

I started paying attention to how often I said “sorry”.

I remember looking for an item at work. I asked a co-worker,  “sorry, where is the soap kept?” Simply,  I didn’t know where it was, and she did.  No apology was necessary.

Saying “sorry” so often erodes its true meaning.  It boils down to how I feel about myself, insignificant.

One evening, my daughter and I were arguing.  Exasperated, I ended it with the usual, “well , I’m sorry!”  Realizing  I just  said “sorry,” quickly added, ” no, I’m not sorry!”

I was at a loss .  What else could I say to communicate my frustration?   “Well, excuse me! ”  worked.   I bump into someone and “oops” is fine.  “My bad,” as my daughter would say, when she drops something or is mistaken.

Both the dictionary and biblical definition imply “sorry” as confessing our wrongdoing and being truly sorry for it. We show total disregard for “sorry” in its truest form when we throw it around like a rag in our everyday interactions.

Sorry is not taken lightly or said flippantly.  It’s reserved for serious times when we need to repent or be sorry for our actions.  We may have offended someone or even cheated or lied.

Only “sorry” can express the heartfelt emotion of regret.

“I confess my iniquity, I am sorry for my sin”. – Psalm 38:13


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