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You are smarter than you think; it’s not rocket science

The launch of the space shuttle, Discovery.
Credit: NASA/Wikipedia/Public Domain

Many of us consider ourselves to be dumber than say a NASA engineer, which is why we make statements, ‘it’s not rocket science’ that puts people on a lower pedestal than those who send spacecraft to Mars.

But is this true? Is the average person dumber than a rocket scientist?

Well, a group of researchers in London decided to find out.

And they discovered that despite what you may think, you are not dumber.

Study Finds reports that the researchers from London, England compared the brainpower of 329 aerospace engineers and 72 neurosurgeons with 18,257 average people.

They did this by having them participate in a series of online tests that measured such things as reasoning, memory, attention to detail, planning ability, and emotional intelligence.

First, they discovered that rocket engineers and neurosurgeons are not more intelligent than the average Brit.

Secondly, they also found that though a group may be stronger in one area, this was often offset by weakness in another.

For example, while neurosurgeons were faster at solving problems, they had slower memory recall speeds.

So, in other words, you are only dumber than a rocket scientist, if you think you are.

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