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Over 50% regret their decision to divorce

Why do so many people regret their divorce? Image Banjo D | Foter | Creative Commons

Why do so many people regret their divorce? Image Banjo D | Foter | Creative Commons

According to a survey — conducted in conjunction with the DVD release of a movie called The Love Punch — 54% of people who had divorced said they had second thoughts about their decision. The survey was reported by the Daily Mail.

The Love Punch, starring Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson, is a comedy about a divorced couple who are brought back together to try to recover a retirement fund stolen through fraud. During this process, they realize their love for each other had not died.

The survey questioned 2,000 UK men and women who had either been either divorced or separated from a long term relationship for over five years.

The survey found:

  • 54% had second thoughts about the divorce/split.
  • 56% said they actually valued their previous marriage.
  • 46% said it caused them to realize they appreciated their former spouse
  • 42% said they thought about giving their marriage a second try

Of the 42% who considered giving their marriage a second chance, 33% actually did and 21% of them were still together.

The survey also found that 39% started experiencing these second thoughts within the first two-weeks of their divorce. For 10%, the regrets did not show up until a full year after the decision.

This survey is a warning to those considering divorce, that it is  a decision not to taken lightly. The perfect life, that many envisioned after divorce, simply did not occur.

Top 10 reasons for divorce regret
  1. Miss their former spouse
  2. Feelings they failed
  3. Realize they still love their former spouse
  4. Acknowledged they were being unreasonable
  5. Loneliness
  6. Life wasn’t better after divorce
  7. Their former partner finding a new love
  8. Things are not better now they were alone
  9. Negative impact on their relationship with their children
  10. Negative impact on children.

Divorce rate among Christians

It has been widely reported that the divorce rate among Christians is now the same as non Christians — 50%. This belief is based on the results of a survey by Barna — an American-based survey group.

Though I realize there is divorce among Christians, I never saw a rate anywhere close to 50%.

Author Shaunti Feldhahn also questioned these result, so she approached Barna about slightly reworking those numbers. In the initial survey, to be designated a Christian, the people participating in the survey simply had to say they were.

Feldhahan asked Barna to re-calculate these numbers based on whether the people had attended church the previous week. She wanted to put teeth into their statement of faith. Did they say they were Christians or did they actually participate?

When that one day of church attendance was added, the divorce rate among Christians fell dramatically from 50% to 27%. I reported on her findings in my post Are the lies about divorce leading to divorce?.


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  1. I realize that not all marriages produce children, but it is sort of sad to see the that only last two reasons given for regret have to do with the impact on children.


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