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The real problem is fatherless boys?

[by Dean Smith] After the unfortunate shooting of Terrance Walker, 21, by a police officer, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke went on Fox News to explain the situation. He was responding to criticism by a local chapter of NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) that described the incident as a “shoot first, ask questions later” killing of another young black man. Police allege Walker had a gun and was stalking his girlfriend. A pastor, officiating a wedding, called police when Walker showed up outside the church.

A husband’s love

[by Earl Blacklock] Leprosy is a chronic bacterial infection which causes disfiguring skin lesions, blindness, and absorption of bones and cartilage. Formally known as Hansen’s disease, leprosy is only mildly communicable. Nevertheless, over a period spanning thousands of years, it has been a disease that has meant fear, rejection, and personal terror. Since its first diagnosis in the United States, thousands of people contracted the disease. Those diagnosed with the disease suffered shame and sorrow. Starting in 1921, public health authorities in the United States sent patients diagnosed with leprosy to the Public Health Service Center in Carville, Louisiana for isolation and treatment. Mail to the outside could only be sent by a staff member, after sterilization.

Marriage success not defined by wedding expense

[by Dean Smith] A study by two economic professors, Hugo Mialon and Andrew Francis, from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia discovered there is an inverse relationship between how much was spent on a wedding and the success of the marriage. One would typically think the more you spent on the wedding the longer a marriage would last. In fact, the opposite is the case. According to an article on CNN, they found divorce rates for weddings costing over $20,000 were 1.6 times higher than for weddings ranging between $5,000 and $10,000. Weddings costing less than a $1,000 were also more successful than the average marriage.

For 12 years, everyone thought he was in a vegetative state, but he wasn’t

When he was 12 years old, doctors diagnosed Martin Pistorius with Cryptococci Meningitis. Meningitis involves the inflammation of the meninges which covers the brain and spinal cord. This particular form is caused by Cryptococcus neoformans a fungus found in bird droppings in the soil. Untreated, it can lead to brain damage, coma and ultimately death. The unfortunate part is that the symptoms initially develop very slowly, making it difficult to detect. Shortly after diagnosis, Martin stopped speaking and moving and entered a vegetative state. The doctors told his parents, Rodney and Joan Pistorius, there was nothing that could be done. Martin was sent home with the expectation he would soon die.

Survey shows divorce often doesn’t end well — for children

[by Dean Smith] There used to be a time, a long time ago, when parents in troubled marriages stayed together for the sake of their children. Sometimes those marriages actually turned around. Other times they struggled through. But those days are long gone. Today divorce is easy. If the billboards in North America are right, you can get a simple divorce for $399 and sometimes they go on sale. But those prices are deceiving because for children, depending on their age, the cost of divorce can sometimes be very expensive. Some end up paying for their parents’ divorce the rest of their lives. Resolution is an English legal organization made up of 6,500 lawyers who specialize in family law. They recently commissioned a survey to find out how divorce affected children. They surveyed 500 kids (aged 14 to 22) in England and Wales asking them pointed questions on the impact of their parents’ divorce.

Parents: Study shows the faith you developed in your children was not in vain

Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6 NKJV) [by Dean Smith] The Book of Proverbs gives a word of encouragement to parents about their children. The Bible tells us if we train a child in the ways of God that this faith and beliefs would continue to influence them well into old age. But notice how it says “when they are old” they won’t depart. In between, we can watch, often with concern, as our children seem to grow cold to their faith and in some ways even back away from it or even fall away. But Bible says the faith developed in their hearts as a child is still there and as they grow older it will begin to reassert itself. Researchers at Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA, have discovered a very interesting thing about beliefs. They found that despite what university students were saying openly about God or heaven, the beliefs of these students were very …

There is no good divorce, for children

A study led by Indiana University’s Dr. Jonathon Beckmeyer has concluded there is no such thing as a good divorce when looking at its impact on children. The study disagrees with a widely held view that divorces where the parents have a friendly relationship are less damaging on children than those where the parents are in conflict. Studies have shown that divorce can have a negative impact on children leading to increased rates of drug use, behavioral problems at home and school and increased problems with depression and anxiety. The study published in Family Relations, an academic journal, looked at the impact of divorce/separation on the children of 270 parents who divorced or separated between 1998 and 2004. Of the families studied, 31% classified the relationship with their ex as “co-operative,” 24% described it as “conflictual” and the rest (45%) described it as somewhere in the middle.

Over 50% regret their decision to divorce

According to a survey — conducted in conjunction with the DVD release of a movie called The Love Punch — 54% of people who had divorced said they had second thoughts about their decision. The survey was reported by the Daily Mail. The Love Punch, starring Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson, is a comedy about a divorced couple who are brought back together to try to recover a retirement fund stolen through fraud. During this process, they realize their love for each other had not died. The survey questioned 2,000 UK men and women who had either been either divorced or separated from a long term relationship for over five years.

Swiss study shows fathers are important to a child’s church attendance

In England, the feminist message is fully embraced in the Church of England where separate offices have been set up for feminist theologians. The church’s liturgy has been emasculated changing references to God from Father to mother. The Bible is being rewritten to engender sexual neutrality. The fruit of this transformation is showing up in church statistics. The ratio of men to women in the Church of England has sunk from 45% men and 55% women prior to 1990 to 37% men and 63% women today. At the same time, attendance in the Church of England is in a steady decline. But if a study done in Switzerland is any indication, this feminist influence in Liberal churches may be one of the reasons why church attendance is in a downward spiral. Women have important roles to play in the church ranging from the prophetic (not just the gift of prophecy) to teaching. There is plenty of room for women in ministry, but women’s roles should not be achieved by demeaning fatherhood. God created men to …

Are the lies about divorce leading to divorce?

In her book, The Good News About Marriage, author Shaunti Feldhahn reveals some interesting stats she uncovered about marriage and divorce that counter the perception most marriages are doomed to fail. Feldhahn says this type of information is important because she believes most marriages fail because people are convinced divorce is not only inevitable, but almost expected. She says there is a culture of “futility” about marriage and this causes people to not fight through hard times that invariably come in a marriage.

Is England on the verge of criminalizing parenting?

If you want to see the future for North American watch what is unfolding in the United Kingdom. There are disturbing things happening in that country and when it happens there, its next stop seems to be North America. The Christian Institute is warning about recent legislation proposed for England redefining child neglect. If passed, it could potentially turn every parent in that country into a criminal. The Institute says the legislation will be introduced in the Queen’s speech on June 4, 2014. In this speech, English governments traditionally present their legislative goals in the upcoming session of parliament. According to a law passed in 1933, child neglect is limited to areas of providing basic care such as food, clothing and medical aid. Failure to do that could result in charges. However, the new legislation is expected to include emotional care in the list of abuses.

After being pronounced dead, a preemie baby comes back to life lying on his mother’s chest

Jamie along with his twin sister were born at just 27 weeks. Each weighed just two pounds. However, when doctors were unable to resuscitate Jamie after 20 minutes, they pronounced him dead. In tears, his mother, Australian Kate Ogg, asked if she could hold Jamie for a bit to say her last good-bye. She unwrapped Jamie from the blanket and held him against her body skin-to-skin. And for the next couple hours she held and cuddled him. She told Jamie his name and told him that he had a sister. Jamie coughed once early, but doctors said it was just a natural reflex and assured his parents that he was dead.

Scottish activists pressure government to force sex ed on Christian schools

In its news release, the Scottish Secular Society (SSS) said it strongly opposed the government’s decision to allow Christian parents and faith schools to exempt themselves from the Scotland’s new sex ed program. Called Relationships, Sexual Health and Parent Hood Education, the program is still in its draft form and a provision —  the “conscience clause” — allows parents to exempt their children and schools from participating due to faith. The SSS is demanding the removal of the “conscience clause.” The organization believes the government should compel all parents and students to take part in the program, whether they want to or not. 

Marriage helps beat colon cancer

A study conducted in 2011 showed marriage helps individuals beat colon cancer. Colon Cancer is the fourth most common form of cancer in the U.S. Researchers from Penn State’s College of Medicine and Brigham Young University followed 127,753 patients with colon cancer and discovered a married person had 14% better survival rate. Researchers calculated out any other factors that could contribute to better results such as earlier diagnostic and more aggressive treatment that would lead to better results.

Marriage on the rocks in England

Marriage is under attack around the world. Here  are a few facts reflecting marriage and divorce trends in England. These stats are probably similar to those found in many developed nations. Did you know more people were married in the UK in 1862 than were married in 2011. 1862 was the first year records were kept of England’s marriage rates. in 1996, there were 1.6 million people between the ages of 45-62 living alone. By 2012, that number had increased to 2.4 million — an 800,000 increase. 

Study: When Planned Parenthood shut down, teen pregnancies also went down

Planned Parenthood with its explicit sex education program and abortion facilities concerns  many parents. When Planned Parenthood’s sex ed programs are implemented in schools, the sex talk can start as early as kindergarten and are in full swing by the middle years. Many argue that kids are not emotionally ready to handle these type of explicit discussions. Opponents also suggest the material puts inordinate pressure on teens to have sex, whether they want to or not. Those in favour of Planned Parenthood’s agenda toss these concerns aside saying teens are going to have sex anyway. Well a recent study of statistics produced by the Texas Department of State Health Services for its Vital Statistics Annual Report provides a stunning rebuttal to these claims by Planned Parenthood supporters.

The consequences of “time poverty” in single parent families

A study conducted in Sweden in 2002, presented a disturbing picture of the struggle facing single parents. The study — released in a medical journal called The Lancet in January 2003 — reported children in single parent families were: Twice as likely to have “psychiatric disease” Twice as likely to attempt or commit suicide Up to Four times as likely to abuse alcohol and drugs (boys four times, girls three times) The study compared the medical and death records of 65,000 children from single parent families with 920,000 children from two-parent families between 1985 and 1990. 

Marriage fights cancer

According to a study conducted by Harvard University, a person’s chances of surviving cancer increases by 20% simply by being married. The researchers went one step further and stated marriage was more effective than chemotherapy in fighting certain types of cancer —  such as breast and colon cancer. A report of their findings was published in the Journal of Clinical Onoclogy in September 2013. Dr. Ayal Aizer of the Harvard Radiation Oncology Program said “Our data suggests that marriage can have a significant health benefit for patients with cancer, and this was consistent among every cancer we reviewed.”