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Survey: 63% believe parents have final say on what schools teach kids

A survey conduced by Becket Fund for Religious Liberty found that 63% of Americans believe parents should have the final say in what their children are taught at school.

Breitbart reports that only 27% of those surveyed said that schools should have the final say. This small minority also believed that parents should not have the ability to opt their kids out of classes.

The study also revealed that the results changed once politics were factored in:

  • Though, still a slight majority, only 52% of Democrats believed that parents should have the final say;
  • 64% of Independents believe that parents should have the final say; and
  • 74% of Republicans believe parents should have final say.

READ: Survey: 63% of Americans Believe Parents Have ‘Final Say’ in Public Education

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Recent surveys also revealed that education is increasingly becoming a major issue in US elections, as radicalized school boards try to ram their political agendas down the throats of children in their care. READ: Why education was a top voter priority this election

Meanwhile, in Canada, the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation has just announced that the votes of teachers of colour will be weighted more than the votes of white teachers. The teacher’s union has initiated this rule in order to fight racism. Which begs the question, would it be racist to weigh white teachers’ votes as having more value than those who are coloured?

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