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Mom meets the son she saved after changing her mind while lying on the abortion table

CBN recently had a story about Melissa Coles, who in 1993 changed her mind about having an abortion while laying on the table and eventually met her son, whose life she spared.

Coles, 18, was poor and unmarried made the decision as the doctor’s hand touched her leg to start the procedure.

She blurted out ‘I can’t do this’ and the doctor rolling his eyes stopped.

Unaware of what to do next, she later found out that adoption was an option.

The story exposes the oldest lie in the abortion handbook, that the child is unwanted. The baby may not be wanted by the mother, for a variety of reasons, but there are thousands of families desperate for a child.

In Coles’ case, it ended up being a Christian woman, who had given birth to two children who later died because of their disabilities.

Coles gave birth to a baby boy in December 1993, who was named David James. Eighteen years later, Cole had a chance to meet the son she had given up for adoption, who has since graduated from law school.

Today, they are working on a documentary, entitled I Live on Parker Avenue, about how adoption is an alternative to abortion.

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