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Poll reveals that most Gen Z and Millennials oppose abortion after a heartbeat detected

Though a slim majority, I was pleased that a recent poll revealed that the majority of Gen Z (born between 1999 and 2015) and Millennials (1981-1998) opposed abortion after a baby’s heartbeat was detected.

The Christian Post reports that a pro-life organization, Students for Life, surveyed 853 individuals between the ages of 18-34 in early January.

In the survey, the group was provided information that a baby’s heartbeat can be detected at 21 weeks and then asked if they supported abortion after this point.

The poll found that 52% stated that abortions should be banned after 21 weeks, compared to 48% who said that abortions should still be allowed.

In the same poll, the students were asked about their feelings on Roe vs Wade, the 1973 Supreme court case that legalized abortions across the US.

Initially, 60% stated that they ‘very strongly’, ‘strongly’ or ‘somewhat’ supported Roe vs Wade.

However, attitudes changed slightly after the pollsters provided the group with more information on the infamous court case.

Overall support for Roe vs Wade dropped to 50% after finding out that it allowed for abortions up to the moment of birth, and as well allowed a mother to abort a baby because of its sex or an abnormality.

Overall, the survey found:

  • 9% oppose abortions under any circumstances;
  • 17% opposed abortion after a heartbeat was detected, unless the mother’s life was in danger;
  • 28% opposed abortion after heartbeat detected, with a broader range of exceptions. In addition to the mother’s life being in danger, they also supported abortion in cases of rape or incest;
  • 20% opposed abortion after the moment a baby can feel pain, but supported abortion up to that point even if a heartbeat can be detected; and
  • 25% supported abortion at any time.

Based on these survey results, 75% of Gen Z And Millennials believe there should be restrictions on abortions.

This falls in line with a poll conducted in early 2021, that revealed 76% of Americans, including a majority of those who are pro-choice, support restrictions on abortion.

In the survey, only 15% of those surveyed (including 27% who were pro-choice) stated that abortions should be allowed at any age for any reason, with 9% stating they were uncertain.

READ: Most millennials, Gen Z adults support bans on abortions when baby’s heartbeat is detected: poll AND Poll: 76%, including most pro-choice Americans, favor restrictions on abortion

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