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Canada: Calgary high school student tries to burn Bible

Credit: Aaron Burden/

A group of left-wing teens outside a high school in Calgary, Canada were caught ripping apart a copy of the New Testament, the Post Millennial reports.

One person even briefly tried to set it on fire but stopped after he was reminded there was a fire ban in Alberta due to raging forest fires in the province.

In the video, one student quips ‘that’s not cool’ in response to the burning attempt.

The student then put out the fire, threw the Bible on the ground, and stomped on it.

It was one of the Bibles handed out by Josh Alexander who gained notoriety at his school in Ontario for opposing his Catholic school’s policy allowing trans-females to use the girl’s facilities.

READ: High schoolers burn bibles to protest Catholic activist in Calgary

It is not against the law to burn Bibles in Canada. However, if it had been a Quran, and the student lived in Britain and accidentally dropped it on the floor, he would have been suspended for a week and the incident registered as a ‘non-crime hate incident’ by the police. READ: Boy who ‘accidentally dropped a copy of the Quran at Wakefield school’ receives ‘death threats’: Teenager is left ‘absolutely petrified’ by messages, says mother AND Police record ‘hate incident’ after autistic boy drops Quran in school corridor

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