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Study reveals that two-thirds of women struggle emotionally and mentally after having an abortion

A recent study has found that a significant percentage of women struggle both emotionally and mentally after having an abortion, the Christian Post (CP) reports.

The study entitled, “The Effects of Abortion Decision Rightness and Decision Type on Women’s Satisfaction and Mental Health,” published by the Charlotte Lozier Institute contradicts the Turnaway Study which stated that 90% of women were happy with their abortion.

This second study conducted by David C. Reardon, Katherine A. Rafferty and Tessa Longbons looked at 226 women between the ages of 41 and 45 who had previously had an abortion.

The study noted that their level of satisfaction with their decision was largely dependent on whether the woman wanted the abortion in the first place or if she felt pressured into it by external circumstances.

“Of 226 women reporting a history of abortion, 33% identified it as wanted, 43% as accepted but inconsistent with their values and preferences, and 24% as unwanted or coerced. Only wanted abortions were associated with positive emotions or mental health gains,” the study wrote.

The study added that the only group that did not struggle was the group who said they wanted it. The remaining 67% who felt pressured struggled to varying degrees both mentally and emotionally after the abortion.

“More research is needed to understand better the experience of the two-thirds of women for whom abortion is unwanted, coerced, or otherwise inconsistent with their own values and preferences,” the study concluded.

CP adds that the Turnaway study looked at 1,000 women who were recommended to the researchers by abortion clinics.

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