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West Virginia church vandalized with phallic symbols and words ‘believe in satan’ over Easter Weekend

Vandalism at Konnarock Baptist Church of Washington County, Virginia, on April 9, 2023.
Credit: Facebook:Andrew McClung WCYB

Vandals broke into Konnarock Baptist Church in Washington County in West Virginia over the Easter weekend spray-painting satanic messages and phallic symbols on the interior and exterior of the building.

It was solely an act of vandalism, as nothing seems to have been stolen from the church.

The church was broken into on Sunday morning after the morning service and all interior rooms except for the main sanctuary were vandalized.

The messages included ‘believe in satan,’ ‘I’m not sorry,’ a pentagram and 666. Several windows were broken and there was also a stick figure hanging from a noose painted on one wall as well as phallic images.

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