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Canada: Report alleges MP urged Beijing to delay the release of Canadian hostages

There have several allegations recently that the Chinese Communist Pary (CCP) was actively involved in Canada’s last two federal elections to ensure that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was reelected as Prime Minister.

Now Global News is alleging that a Canadian MP, Han Dong, who allegedly may have benefitted from the CCP’s election interference was advising the Beijing Government not to release two Canadians who had been arrested by the CCP. Most believe the two were arrested because the Canadian government had detained Meng Wanzhou, a Huawei executive, at the request of the US government.

It is alleged that Dong asked Beijing to delay their release because an early release would benefit the Conservative Party in the upcoming 2021 federal election.

The Post Millennial provides more details:

Canadian MP Han Dong has been accused of privately advising a senior Chinese diplomat to hold off releasing the Two Michaels, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, whom China had detained on espionage charges, until after Canada’s 2021 federal election. 

Two national security sources stated that Dong suggested to Han Tao, China’s consul general in Toronto, that if Beijing released the Two Michaels, whom China accused of espionage, the Conservatives would benefit, according to Global News.

According to the sources, Dong also recommended that Beijing show some progress in the Kovrig and Spavor cases to help the ruling Liberal Party, which was facing an uproar over China’s inhumane treatment of the Two Michaels. 

Dong has denied the allegations, stating that he called for the immediate release of the Two Michaels.

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