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Catholic students wearing pro-life caps were kicked out of the Smithsonian?

An example of the Pro-Life cap that Catholic students were wearing when they were allegedly kicked out of the Smithsonian
Credit: YouTube capture/WYFF-TV

The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C has allegedly kicked out a group of Catholic high school students because they were wearing hats with a pro-life message, The Blaze reports.

The students, who attend a Catholic school in Greenville County, South Carolina, were in the city for the annual March for Life held on Jan 20, 2023, and decided to visit the museum.

Shortly after entering they were approached by a security guard and told to leave because the museum was a ‘neutral zone.’ The parents allege it was due to the tuques the students were wearing.

In an interview with WYFF-TV, Nora Kriegel, one of the parents of the children involved, said:

They should be allowed to wear the hats that they were wearing and to be able to express themselves. And I felt it was very wrong that this person harassed them.

American Center of Law and Justice immediately stepped up to represent the students. The Smithsonian has since apologized after hearing about the incident and added that steps were being taken to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

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