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Statue described by some as satanic pays homage to abortion on top of New York courthouse

Statue called ‘Witness’ installed at Madison Square Park in New York City.
Credit: Madison Square Park Conservancy/CBN

A new horned female statue, called Now, with tentacles for arms, has been temporarily set up on the roof of a New York state courthouse in New York City alongside the statues of historical figures. Across the street, a sister 18′ statue entitled Witness has been set up in Madison Square Park.

The statues are the work of a Pakistani-American artist, Shahzia Sikander and will remain on the site until June when they will be transferred to a location in Houston, Texas.

The Blaze described the statue appearing on the roof of New York State’s Supreme Court alongside ancient historical lawgivers, such as Moses, as:

An eight-foot sculpture of a horned female fused to a lotus flower with what appear to be tentacles has been erected above a state courthouse in New York City. The statue joins nine others portraying historical lawgivers, each representing the world’s purportedly great legal systems.”

Sikander added that her inspiration was her opposition to the recent overturning of Roe vs Wade, by the US Supreme Court. She dedicated the eight-foot sculpture with its medussa-like appearance to now-deceased Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RGB) who was a strong supporter of abortion.

“The luminous figure is also a nod to RBG – as seen in the detail adorning her collar,” Sikander wrote on her website. “With Ginsburg’s death and the reversal of Roe, there was a setback to women’s constitutional progress.”

Some have suggested that the statute’s braided hair purposefully shaped into horns and being birthed out of the Lotus flower is eerily similar to representations of Satan often pictured with ram’s horns in satanic rituals.

According to CBN, many noted the satanic similarity:

“I wasn’t a fan of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, but even she deserves better than that ugly, satanic-looking eyesore,” wrote one.

Another Twitter user added, “It looks like something you’d see at a satanic ritual.”

Perhaps it is simply a reflection of the spiritual climate of New York State which has been at the forefront of promoting abortion in the US.

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