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Afghan Taliban warn universities about allowing women to take entrance exams

Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan
Credit: Weaveravel/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 4.0

According to a report by Fox News, the Taliban in Afghanistan are continuing to put down women in that country by warning universities to not allow women to take entrance exams.

The news came in the form of a letter, that a Taliban official sent to private colleges in Afghanistan.

The Taliban enforce a hard-line interpretation of Islamic law in the country and this was part of the group’s continuing clamp down on women. It had previously instituted a law forbidding women from attending post-secondary schools. The extremist group had earlier banned girls from attending middle and high school in that country.

Along with this, the Taliban have introduced legislation limiting a woman’s ability to work outside the home and to leave her home without a chaperone.

READ: Taliban warns universities not to allow Afghan women and girls to take entry exams

Meanwhile, Taliban bomb a Pakistani mosque

Apparently, a Taliban commander, Sarbakaf Mohmand, has taken credit for the bombing at a Mosque in that country that killed 34 people and wounded 150. There were approximately 300 people inside the mosque located inside a local police station when the exploding bomb collapsed the roof. READ: Suicide Bombing At Mosque Kills 34, Wounds 150

Taliban selling American military equipment to Russia?

After US President Joe Biden’s botched evacuation of Afghanistan in August 2021, left over $7 billion worth of US military equipment in that country, there are reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin is interested in purchasing some for his Ukraine invasion. READ: Putin plotting to ‘grab US weapons left behind during Afghan evacuation and seized by Taliban’, Kremlin insider claims

It is estimated that President Biden left an estimated half million weapons, 50,000 vehicles including helicopters, and accessories such as night vision goggles and tens of thousands of radios inside the country.

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