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Major empathy study concludes women are different from men

A major international study involving 300,000 participants has concluded that there are differences between men and women, the Christian Post reports.

The study first reported in Fortune concluded that despite differences in ethnicity, nationality, language and age, women were on average more empathetic than men.

“Our results provide some of the first evidence that the well-known phenomenon — that females are on average more empathic than males — is present in a wide range of countries across the globe” said David Greenberg, the study’s lead author from Israel’s IBar-Ilan University.

“It’s only by using very large data sets that we can say this with confidence,” Greenberg added.

The study further concluded that the difference is due in part to genetic variations between men and women:

“On average, more men than women have a Type S brain type and more women than men have a Type E brain type. It is suggested that these brain types are caused by genetic and prenatal hormonal levels (2,3), as well as by environmental factors.”

Coming to such conclusions in our modern, woke culture is nothing short of an act of bravery.

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