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Hospital denies 14-year-old girl transplant because she’s unvaccinated

According to the family of Yulia Hicks, 14, Duke Children’s Hospital in Durham, North Carolina refused to add their daughter to its kidney transplant waiting list, because she was unvaccinated for COVID, the Daily Wire reports.

Yulia, who is adopted from Ukraine, suffers from a genetic kidney disorder that requires daily dialysis.

Her parents added that Yulia had already caught COVID, and would have gained natural immunity from that, but alleged that the hospital still refused, stating she needed to have the COVID vaccine.

“Some studies have shown that natural immunity is superior to the COVID vaccine,” Mairead Elordi added in her article for the Daily Wire. “One recent study also suggested that the COVID vaccine could be to blame for certain organ transplant recipients rejecting their new organs.”

READ: Duke Children’s Hospital Denied 14-Year-Old Girl Kidney Transplant Over Covid Vaccine, Family Says

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