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Holland threatens to nationalize 3,000 farms as part of the left’s attack on agriculture

As the rest of the world deals with a food crisis, the Netherlands’ left-wing government continues its attack on agriculture, The Blaze reports.

The Dutch government recently announced it will purchase between 2,000 to 3,000 farms, as part of its plan to reduce nitrogen fertilizer usage in that country. Of course, fertilizer is necessary for larger crops.

This is part of the government’s 2055 net-zero carbon emissions’ strategy, which includes a 55% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030, an impossible target to achieve unless you are willing to destroy the country and people’s lives.

In its first stage, the government will offer Dutch farmers a voluntary buyout which will be over market-value for the property. However, if not enough farmers participate, the government said it will simply nationalize the rest, if necessary.

This is all part of the left’s continued attack on agriculture and its plans to save the world by starving it.

READ: Netherlands seeks to close 3,000 farms by threatening farmers with ‘compulsory’ land buyouts if they refuse ‘voluntary’ offers to comply with EU climate rules

Holland emits about 0.38% of the world’s carbon emissions. Even if you believe, CO2, which is necessary for life, is a deadly contributor to global warming, cutting CO2 emissions in the Netherlands will accomplish absolutely nothing.

Meanwhile, Communist China, arguably the world’s largest CO2 emitter, continues doing so with nary a complaint from the global warming fanatics.

If CO2 is as deadly as these extremists believe, why are they giving China a free ride?

The answer is simple. This has nothing to do with Climate Change, but everything to do with politics.

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