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Smoking weed more dangerous than smoking tobacco, study

Since Marijuana has already been classified as a safe drug by the political and cultural elite, don’t expect it to be treated like cigarettes anytime soon.

But a Canadian study conducted by Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa found that smoking Marijuana is more dangerous to a person’s airway health than smoking cigarettes, The GrowthOp reports.

The researchers came to this conclusion after studying the chest CT scans of tobacco smokers, Marijuana smokers and non-smokers over 50 years of age for a period of 15-years (2005-2020).

Though the test group was small, the study concluded that when comparing the rates of emphysema among the three groups, it found, that 75% of marijuana smokers had emphysema compared to only 67% of tobacco smokers and 5% of non-smokers.

In her article for The GrowthOp, Angela Stelmakowich adds:

Beyond emphysema, though, “rates of bronchial thickening, bronchiectasis and mucoid impaction were higher among marijuana smokers compared with the other groups,” study authors write. Additionally, gynecomastia was more common in cannabis smokers, noted in 38 per cent of the group, than the 16 per cent in non-smokers and 11 per cent in tobacco-only smokers.

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