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Persecution by stealth

Award-winning journalist, David Campanale, who quit his job at the BBC to run as a Liberal Democrat MP in Britain claims he is being run out of the political party because he is a Christian, the Daily Mail reports.

The Daily Mail reports:

David Campanale told The Mail on Sunday he had been ‘humiliated, ostracised and punished’ by party members who were voting on whether to deselect him last night.

The 58-year-old Anglican, who quit as a reporter for the BBC World Service to enter politics, claimed he had fallen victim to US-style cancel culture by activists trying to secularise the Liberal Democrats.

He told the MoS: ‘I have been subjected to hostile, degrading and harassing conduct for holding Christian views. They are acting in defiance of our liberal values. This is not the party we are. Some people are Christian – get over it.’

READ: ‘Cancelled for being Christian’: Award-winning former BBC journalist hoping to become Lib Dem MP says he is being hounded out of the party for his religious values

Realizing they would look bigoted if they put up a sign, ‘No Christians Allowed’, the bigots have resorted to persecution by stealth.

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