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Did a Chicago university official threaten students for exposing the evils of Marxism?

When conservative students at the University of Chicago Illinois decided to set up a display exposing the evils of Marxism, they were allegedly met with hostility by a university official, Fox News reports.

The display was set up on a sidewalk by Young America’s For Freedom (YAF) on the anniversary of the death of Cuban communist revolutionary and serial killer, Che Guevara.

Appropriately called “No More Che Day,” students were also handing out literature exposing Che Guevara’s sordid history, when they were confronted by a university official.

Fox News reports:

A University of llinois Chicago official was seen on video demanding an anti-Marxist display set-up by conservative students be removed from a sidewalk at the public university. […]

He is also heard telling the students that if they don’t pack up, he could file a complaint with the dean of students office. The students in the video are heard saying they would dismantle the table and leave. 

“It’s scary that we may face disciplinary action simply because we passed out literature critical of a communist murderer and terrorist,” Jerwyn Castillo, chairman of Young Americans for Freedom at UIC, told YAF of the incident. 

A spokesperson for YAF believed this alleged incident was a violation of the student’s first amendment rights.

READ: Chicago college shuts down anti-Marxism display, threatens conservative students with disciplinary action

Guevara’s sordid history

Among other things, Guevara bragged about slaughtering people with no regard for their guilt or innocence and as well as setting up Cuba’s first forced-labor camp. RELATED: 5 inconvenient truths about Che Guevara

What is a ‘useful idiot’?

The term ‘useful idiot’ has often been attributed to Communist dictator, Vladimir Lenin, who used the term to describe people fighting for communism in other countries.

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