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Poll: Teens more open to Christ than many realize

A recent poll conducted by the Barna Group discovered that a significant percentage of teens around the world have a favorable impression of Jesus, Premier Christian News reports.

Barna, a national American-based research group, conducted the survey of 25,000, 13 to 17 years olds in 26 countries, on behalf of several Christian groups, including Alpha, Biblical and World Vision.

It was a surprising result considering that only 22% of those surveyed expressed having made a personal commitment to Christ. This meant that though 78% may not have been Christians, many still looked upon Christ positively:

  • 49% stated they considered Jesus to be loving;
  • 47% believed Jesus was crucified.
  • 46% said that Jesus offered hope; and
  • 33% stated that they believed Jesus rose from the dead. This percentage dropped to 15% if the student was of another religion and to 13% if they stated they were not part of any religion.

Based on these survey results, it’s obvious that Jesus needs to be front a center in all our ministry activities.

“Our data suggests that although this generation may not deeply engage with Jesus,” David Kinnaman, CEO of Barna Group said. “They are open to him, and when they do engage, they experience positive effects. It is our goal to offer a picture of the rising generation to the Global Church so that we may support and engage teens in relevant, meaningful ways.”

This survey reveals that teens, and I suspect people in general, are more open to the gospel than we believe and just need a loving invite.

CBN recently had an article on how mega-pop star Justin Bieber, 28, played a role in leading Yoshi Barrigas, who plays Philip, in the popular Christian hit series, The Chosen, to Christ.

Barrigas said it was due to a chance encounter. He was taking a hike in the hills near Los Angeles, and decided to sit down and read a book he had brought along. He heard a commotion from a bunch of girls nearby and saw Justin Bieber was in the hills hiking as well.

Recognizing Barrigas, Bieber joined him, and they started discussing the ups and downs that they were facing.

But then their conversation took a more serious tone.

In his interview with Faithwire‘s Tré Goins-Phillips, Barrigas explained what happened next:

“He interrupted me at one point and said, ‘You know, I’m sorry to interrupt, but I really feel in my bones that I’m meant to introduce you to my church, so would you come?’” the actor remembered. “At the time, I had no real interest in any kind of church, but, as I said to him, ‘I’m not gonna say no to you, man. You’re Justin Bieber. So let’s go.’”

“He was really cool about it,” Barrigas continued. “He was like, ‘If you like it, we’ll stay, and, if you don’t, we can go grab a beer.’ So I was like, ‘Alright, cool. No pressure. Let’s go.’”

All it took was an invitation.

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