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Study: Vitamin D supplements may help fight depression

A new study conducted by researchers from the University of Eastern Finland has concluded that vitamin D may help individuals deal with depression.

The researchers came to this conclusion after analyzing the results of 41 studies that looked at the use of daily vitamin D supplements in combatting depression symptoms.

The studies that included the use of placebos were conducted on individuals who struggled with depression, those who weren’t struggling from depression and those suffering from other physical issues.

Study Finds wrote:

Researchers say vitamin D regulates central nervous system disturbances associated with depression. Prior cross-sectional studies have linked vitamin D deficiency and symptoms of depression. However, previous meta-analyses on the effects of vitamin D supplementation on depression have been inconclusive, until now.

“These findings will encourage new, high-level clinical trials in patients with depression in order to shed more light on the possible role of vitamin D supplementation in the treatment of depression,” notes Mikola.

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