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Woman who grew up under communism warns of socialism in America

Beijing, China Credit: Staff Sgt. D. Myles Cullen (USAF)/Wikipedia/Public Domain

A woman who grew up under Mao Zedong’s glorious Communist revolution that resulted in over 40 million deaths in China is warning about the dangers of socialism starting to rise its head in America.

Xi Van Fleet, who fled Communist China 36 years ago, spoke of her concerns in a recent interview on Fox and Friends.

Faithwire provides more details on the interview:

“Today, so many Americans [are] abandoning freedom and arriving into socialism.” […]

“I lived under Mao’s socialism. When the government controls everything and makes all the decisions big and small and decide how much grain, meat [and] cooking oil I could have,” she said. “What I should learn in school, where I should live, and what job I should have and how I should think.” […]

“When I was in China, I spent my entire school years in the Chinese Cultural Revolution, so I’m very, very familiar with the communist tactics of how to divide people, how they canceled the Chinese traditional culture and destroyed our heritage,” told Fox News last year. “All this is happening here in America.”

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Many now believe that the number of people killed under Mao’s cultural revolution is likely closer to 80 million. READ: How many died? New evidence suggests far higher numbers for the victims of Mao Zedong’s era

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