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One city has seen its murder rate plummet, I wonder why?

While cities across America are reporting sharp increases in murders, Miami, is reporting a dramatic decrease. There have been only 28 murders so far this year, and it’s on its way to having the lowest murder rate since the 1930s.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Miami’s mayor, Francis Suarez, explains why.

He cited several things:

  • The city increased funding for police and hired more police,
  • They have lowered taxes, which has resulted in more growth and more jobs, and the city now have a 1.4% unemployment rate.
  • And, oh yeah, when out-of-town rioters came to Miami to loot and plunder, the police showed up in force to nip it in the bud, so they went elsewhere.

Meanwhile, in New York City

For those who don’t know, Ana Kasparian is a member of the ‘Young Turks’ a left-wing media site, and even she has become horrified by the crime in New York City and cited one example.

She was immediately attacked by those on the woke, extreme-left, because the real victim is the criminal.

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