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California students suing over discrimination of anti-communist posters

Three students at Clovis Community College in California are suing the school alleging it discriminated against their anti-communist posters, Fox News reports.

The lawsuit, which is backed by the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression, alleges that the school discriminated against the conservative views of the students who had initially received permission from the school to put up the posters.

This included one poster which had an image of people burying skulls and bones. Its headline read “Leftist Ideas: ‘Progress’ that always leads to death” followed by a list of how many people have died under communism.

The school allegedly had the posters taken down after a few students complained about them.

Fox News reports:

The lawsuit reviewed by Fox News Digital states the three plaintiffs had received approval to post the anti-communist and anti-socialist flyers on bulletin boards inside campus buildings. They were taken down, however, at the direction of Clovis President Dr. Lori Bennett, according to the complaint. 

Emails obtained by Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression under a public record request show an administrator at the college offering to “gladly take down” the flyers. The emails show that administrators were aware the YAF chapter is an “official club on campus,” but noted “several people” were “very uncomfortable” with the flyers, including a person who allegedly threatened a “harassment claim” if the posters were not taken down. 

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