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Justin Bieber prays and worships God during a recent concert

Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey being water baptized by Judah Smith
Photo: Justin Bieber Instagram

After being forced to cancel concerts earlier this year due to Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, which resulted in temporary paralysis of his face, mega popstar Justin Bieber is back on tour.

Justin recently posted a video of a concert on Instagram, where he openly prayed, inviting the Holy Spirit into the concert and worshipped God in front of the thousands of people in attendance.

Charisma News writes:

With his head bowed and eyes closed, he declared, “God I pray right now for every fear, every insecurity, every bad thought we have about ourselves or someone else we just release that right now in the name of Jesus.”

He was able to share with those at the concert who God is and why we need Jesus in our life, through his bold prayers. In a time when depression is higher than ever, Bieber prayed over the crowd, ushering in the presence of God, “We thank You God, that You are here…I pray against any tormenting thought, any insecure thought, we just give it to You, in Jesus name.”

“You know the darkest most shameful things in our heart and You accept us and call us Yours,” he continued, “We are Your children and You are well pleased.”

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