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Canadian pastor wins big in court

Arrest of Pastor Artur Pawlowski by Calgary police — YouTube capture

Artur Pawlowski is the pastor from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, who refused to let police and a health inspector from the Alberta government into his church on Easter Sunday 2021, to ensure everyone was abiding by the government’s COVID regulations.

He was subsequently charged with several COVID violations and as well for his his support of truck convoy protestors calling for an end of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s mandate.

Well, Pawlowski had a big day in court, and it did not go well for the government, according to True North. Though the pastor lost in lower court cases, on appeal, the Alberta Court of Appeals basically found Pawlowski innocent on all charges.

TNC explains:

Now, the Alberta Court of Appeal ruled that the injunction against him, his arrest, his jail time, the censorship order and fines against him were illegal.

Justice Barbara Lea Veldhuis, Justice Michelle Crighton and Justice Jo’ Anne Strekaf ordered Alberta Health Services (AHS) to reimburse Pawlowski and his brother, Dawid, for the costs of their appeal and the return of any fines and penalties paid, Rebel News reports.

The appeals panel concluded the original injunction banning protests in the name of public health “was not sufficiently clear and unambiguous.”

The government will not only have to reimburse the fines paid by Pawlowski and his brother, but Alberta Health will have to pick up their court fees as well, totaling $15,700.

This is a very disturbing case. And there is much more in the article: READ: Alberta Court of Appeals rules in favour of Pastor Artur Pawlowski, orders AHS reimburse fines

A few videos:

Pastor Artur, who grew up under communism in Poland, had a few choice words for the group who tried to enter his church on Easter Sunday, 2021.

Pastor Pawlowski was arrested several times, including a dramatic takedown while driving on one of Calgary’s major thoroughfares.

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