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Are Canadians tiring of their ‘divisive’ Prime Minister?

Canadian Prime Minister Justin-Trudeau
Credit: Justin Trudeau – Prime Minister of Canada/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

A recent online poll conducted in June by Postmedia-Léger suggests that Canadians are tiring of their Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, the National Post reports.

A clear majority of Canadians, over 60%, said Trudeau was divisive, and is contributing to growing national unity issues in Canada as he pits parts of the country against other regions.

The poll also found that 55% of Canadians strongly or somewhat disapprove of Trudeau’s performance. This sentiment was the same in all political parties. Meanwhile, only 7% strongly approved of Trudeau’s performance.

Nearly half (49%) believe that Trudeau should resign as leader of the Liberal party before the next federal election. Only 30% believe he should continue as its leader and 21% weren’t sure.

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In the last federal election, held in August 2021, only 32.6% of Canadians voted for Trudeau and the Liberal Party. This means nearly 68% rejected him as Prime Minister.

However, Trudeau’s minority government was able to secure power by gaining the support of the country’s socialist New Democrat Party.

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