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Yet another reason why solar panels don’t work, too much sun?

Cleaning dust off solar panels.

We know that solar panels are basically useless at night, and when the skies are cloudy or during rain and snow. Their effectiveness is also significantly reduced when dirt or frost accumulates on the solar panels.

But we always thought they worked fine when the sun is shining, but new research suggests this is not always the case.

There are now warnings that while solar panels like the sun, they don’t like heat, and their efficiency drops as the temperature rises, The Daily Mail reports.

In an interview with The Daily Mail, Professor Alastair Buckey from the University of Sheffield in England explained:

“Solar likes sunshine but it doesn’t like being hot. We always get the best performance in spring when the air is cool and the sky is really clear. 

“We’re very unlikely to see any solar records broken this week – simply because it’s so hot and solar panels are less efficient in the heat.”

Essentially, solar panels only work a couple of months of the year in Britain. This is why the government recently warned that Brits will have to lower house temperatures this winter (electric heat) and change their meal times, or they will face rolling blackouts.

This is because the British government has moved dramatically to green energy, shutting down coal-powered plants and nuclear energy, while embracing solar and wind.

As a side note, Britain’s recent heatwave is directly responsible for a fire that broke out on a solar farm in Dorset destroying over 81,000 panels.

READ: EXCLUSIVE Solar panels are LESS efficient in high temperatures despite increased sunlight, expert warns – as UK heatwave sparks a FIRE at a solar farm in Dorset

The Green energy propaganda

The solar panel’s inefficiency is why the green propaganda always states that a solar energy project could potentially provide electricity for up to [insert number] homes. It never does because of clouds, rain, snow, dust, frost and now because of too much sun.

This is why many cities are tearing down their solar projects and selling them for scrap.

Even the tilt of the earth can affect the performance of solar panels, as the sun gets lower in the sky during the winter months.

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