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Bill Gates buys a massive amount of farmland in North Dakota

Globalist Bill Gates is potentially the largest private landowner in America, after purchasing six parcels of farmland in North Dakota, The Daily Caller reports.

According to the report, Gate’s Trust recently purchased 242,000 acres of prime farmland in that state.

However, the purchase is under review as North Dakota does have restrictions/limitations in place on the purchase of agricultural land by corporations, limited liability companies, and trusts.

North Dakota’s Attorney General has sent a letter asking how the trust intends to use the land.

The Western Journal explains why some are concerned about the purchase:

Gates has urged developed nations such as the United States to replace real meat with a synthetic laboratory-made replacement.

Gates’ position as the single largest owner of American farmland puts him in a unique position to potentially harm ranchers and cattlemen.

The billionaire could prevent ranchers from grazing their cows on his extensive property, cutting them off from land they’ve used for decades.

This would significantly increase supply pressures on ranchers, and ultimately raise the price of beef at the supermarkets.

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Not sure if this is related, but I have reported in the past, that agriculture is clearly in the sights of the Global warming fanatics. READ: George Monbiot says farming should be ABOLISHED to save the planet: Climate change activist says meat can be replaced with lab-grown food like protein pancakes AND Climate change: New Zealand’s plan to tax cow and sheep burps AND New Zealand Introduces a Climate Change Meat Tax

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