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Another elitist politician called for cuts to police funding, meanwhile…

NYPD Police car
Credit: Jason Lawrence/Wikipedia/flickr/Creative Commons 2.0

It is almost becoming too predictable, but another elitist politician has decided that her rules don’t apply to her. She is apparently above the misery she is causing.

Not surprisingly, the New York politician is also left-leaning.

Over the past couple of years, Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou (D-Lower Manhattan) has pushed to cut police funding, the New York Post reports.

In 2020, she joined the BLM bandwagon and called for millions of dollars in cuts to police funding. The New York Post cited the pledge from her campaign page:

She believes that we are long overdue for police reform in this country and that we need to defund millions from the police in order to put critical funding back into our social services, education, and housing.”

Ironically, four years earlier, Niou decided to move out of Harlem to neighboring Manhattan.

Why you wonder?

In an interview with a local publication, the Low Down, Niou said she decided to move to Manhattan because of the growing crime rates in Harlem.

In fact, Niou admitted that she was actually robbed while living there and even saw a girl getting raped on a pile of garbage across from her building. She yelled at the guy from out her window as she called the police.

READ: ‘Hypocritical’ defund NYPD advocate moved out of Harlem for ‘safety issues’ AND Our Interview with Assembly Candidate Yuh-Line Niou

Now, even Manhattan may no longer be safe

But even Manhattan may no longer be safe, as a recent poll revealed that 40% of those working in Manhattan are considering moving out of the city due in large part to growing crime.

But it was lower than the nearly 50% of people in NYC’s other Burroughs, who said they are thinking of abandoning the city. READ: Study: Many NYC workers considering leaving over crime levels

RELATED (shockingly from CNN): New York City crime wave continues into 2022 as city rolls out safety plan

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