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Meet Canada’s new land neighbor, Denmark

Hans Island
Credit: Toubletap/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

After decades of protracted conflict, Canada officially has a new neighbor, Denmark.

For nearly seven decades, the two countries have been involved in a costly battle over the ownership of a nondescript island, Hans Island, a barren one-kilometer-long rock island located between Nunavut in Canada and Greenland, a Denmark territory.

The National Post described the conflict as “one of the most passive-aggressive boundary disputes in history.”

While Canada has claimed ownership of the island since 1880, the Danes state that their claim goes back to the 980s AD, when the Vikings inhabited Greenland.

In 1984, Denmark took the conflict to the next level, by putting up a Danish flag, along with a bottle of Scandinavian aquavit, on the island.

However, this was constantly challenged by the Canadian Navy who would regularly invade the island, when it was passing by, tear down the Danish flag, replacing it with a Canadian flag and the bottle of Scandinavian aquavit with Whiskey.

Which would stand until the Danes visited.

Finally, after years of conflict, the two countries have reached an agreement and have officially split the island in two, making Canada and Denmark officially land neighbors.

There has not been an official costing of this protracted conflict, which became known as the ‘Whiskey War,’ by either country.

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