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Canada: Prime Minister Trudeau to introduce a home equity tax?

It seems that Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is interested in introducing a home equity tax applicable on the sale of their home. The federal government is spending money like a drunken sailor and is in desperate need of more cash.

People would be taxed on the difference between what they bought the home for and its eventual selling price.

Apparently, Trudeau is working hand in hand with a group called Generation Squeeze that is pushing for a home equity tax. This is the same Trudeau who during the last federal election campaign promised he would never introduce a home equity tax.

Not surprisingly, Generation Squeeze is receiving bucket loads of taxpayer subsidies.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation provides the details:

Staff in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office met with a group that received funding to produce a report recommending a home equity tax, according to new documents obtained by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

“During the election, Trudeau told voters he wasn’t going to impose a home equity tax, so why are his staff meeting about home equity taxes?” asked Franco Terrazzano, Federal Director of the CTF. “If Trudeau wants Canadians to believe he’s not coming after our homes, then his government should stop acting like it’s considering a home equity tax.”

When Canadians sell the home they own and live in – their primary residence – they do not pay tax on the proceeds.

A group called Generation Squeeze received funding from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation to study housing policy. The resulting report includes recommendations for a home equity tax.

READ: Documents show PMO staff held meetings on home equity taxes

In 2019, the Federal government asked people on their income tax form if they sold their home that year, and if so, how much they bought it for and as well the year of purchase. READ: BONOKOSKI: Trudeau Liberals will surely tax your home’s capital gains

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  1. Kimmie says

    Of Course the Liberal are going to introduce Home Equity tax. Period.
    If you have supported Trudeau’s unconstitutional “political enemy” attack on those who dare demonstrate against totalitarian-based authority, then you deserve what you get. I hope you lose 50% of your retirement savings and finally understand how socialism turned “hard communism” works. Supporters ( who got millions of tax dollars to write the proposal) claim YOUR home equity was made without any sacrifice, hard work or merit. You made it by “just sitting on the couch watch TV”. If that’s true, then I want to be paid for my years of maintenance, property taxes, working hours to “fund” the years of keeping a roof over me head. I want to get reimbursed at the same level the government funds those on social service income each month…after all, I have saved the taxpayer the cost of providing me funds for a place to live. ..but better yet, the unbridled spending for “the Great Reset” and environmental scams need to be covered by someone….and it will be YOU, the middle class, the enemy of the Elite, Super rich. You know, the people who own and run the NGO’s and corporations who will soon be the “stakeholders” given all control of the worlds resources..and the power to control who and how much they will get…these are the same corporate and NGO “welfare recipients” who want to eliminate YOUR means to be self -reliant, self accountable and free….the UN, WEF etc etc hope to “own and run the world”. At Davos 2022, Their leader claimed they have now achieved tag goal…and YOU need to pay them for that power and control. Trudeau is their poster child. Call it “Corporate-run world communism or Global Fascism … their both achieve the same end…unsung the same means…a Totalitarian, unelected, politically unaccountable police state…with a “ruling class” of oligarchs…and their serfs (You)…..Neo-Feudalism is what THEY call it….and that means YOU cannot be expected to NOT Pay for them to live protected in luxury and hypocrisy. Using COVId…forced injections into your Body with whatever they deem necessary (and without ANY responsibility for testing nor harm caused) …wearing masks…and FEAR….by the time they come for your wealth, you will be happily programmed to hand it over…and love doing it…so do NOT be a fool and think for one second, Canada won’t soon be stealing your home equity…hell, they may soon charge you for each “unused room” that could house some “person” who damned “equity”…(without having to do anything themselves to earn it)…this is projected in UN Angenda 2030, so don’t think it a joke…this is Trudeau’s dream…a set of super rich, powerful new “kings” and “decisions makers, mangers” for you and your family…in a one-government/corporate run world …where YOU (not them) will own nothing and will learn to love being depressed, having low expectations and being grateful for your enslavement for the betterment of your controlling Post-humanist gods.


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