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Canada: Ottawa chief of police admits they found no guns among truck protestors

Truckers with Freedom Convoy 2022 in Ottawa, Jan. 29, 2022

During the Freedom Convoy 2022, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fled into hiding, terrified about a possible insurrection. READ: Trudeau Advisor Claims Freedom Convoy Protestors Wanted to Overthrow Government

The Liberal Party along with its bought and paid for mainstream media also referred to the truckers as occupiers and terrorists. READ: Justin Trudeau Convenes ‘Incident Response Group’ to ‘Illegal Blockades and Occupations’

However, after grilling, Ottawa’s acting chief of police finally admitted that they found no guns among the protestors.

What European politicians think of Justin Trudeau?

Yes, Canada’s supposed occupation was different from what we are seeing in Ukraine, where its president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, bravely decided to stay in Kyiv as Russia invaded with real soldiers, real tanks, real bombs, and real missiles.

These are not imaginary.

And recently Prime Minister Trudeau was in Europe espousing his democratic values and consulting about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

During this visit, a German politician called Trudeau, as a disgrace to democracy:

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Over the past few weeks, several European politicians have said some nasty things about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s suppression of free speech and a peaceful protest in Canada.

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