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Canadian premiers condemn Trudeau’s invoking of emergency powers over trucker protests

There has been a strong reaction to Prime Minister Trudeau’s recent decision to invoke emergency powers in Canada that allows governments to arbitrarily arrest and seize the bank accounts of anyone it considers to be a protestor.

Over the past three weeks, tens of thousands of Canadians have taken to the streets calling for an end to the COVID mandates.

Several premiers, Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, have already condemned the move, stating that these powers are only to be used when the safety and security of the country are under threat.

In fact, Quebec Premier, François Legault, added that the invoking of this act will only further divide, an already divided country.

“We do not wish to have a state of emergency in Quebec,” Legault said. It’s not necessary, and it’s time to bring together, not divide.”

At this point, only Ontario Premier, Doug Ford, has supported the implementation of the Emergencies Act.

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What are emergency powers?

One US news site asked this question. READ: Canada now a dictatorship?

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Toronto Star states implementing emergency act an admission of Trudeau’s failure

Even the left-wing Toronto Star condemned the Prime Minister’s move, stating it was ultimately an admission of Trudeau’s failure to properly handle the situation:

Perhaps the hope is that this dramatic move will stiffen the spine of police and finally make them enforce the law. The Trudeau government should certainly should hope so, because it now truly owns this crisis.

READ: Invoking the Emergencies Act is a shocking admission of failure

Like father, like son, perhaps it’s just a coincidence,

The last time a similar emergency measures act was implemented in Canada was during the 1980s by Pierre Trudeau, Justin Trudeau’s dad.

Civil Liberties groups condemn Trudeau’s action

Civil liberty groups in Canada are also condemning Trudeau’s decision to invoke the Emergencies Act, stating that when not properly used, it normalizes the oppression of dissenting opinions and threatens our democracy.

Truck protestors and police hug and sing

Meanwhile, a very strange thing took place at the truck protest in Coutts, Alberta, located on the Canada US border. Protesters and police were hugging each other and singing Canada’s national anthem:

No indication if Trudeau will arrest and seize the bank accounts of any police officers showing friendship to protesters.

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