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Poll: 64% of Canadians want COVID restrictions to end

According to a recent poll conducted by Maru Public Opinion on behalf of the National Post, two-thirds of Canadians (64%) want the COVID restrictions to end.

This included 71% of respondents in Quebec and 65% in Ontario, Canada’s two most populous provinces.

According to Maru, the polling over the past few months reveals that Canadians believe that COVID is not going anywhere and are prepared to live with the virus.

The National Post reports that the poll also found that 54% of Canadians do not believe that the unvaccinated should be pressured into taking vaccines.

READ: Two-thirds of Canadians ready to drop COVID-19 restrictions

Since the Freedom Convoy started in Canada, calling for an end to the COVID mandates, there has been a marked shift in Canadians attitudes towards the restrictions. In early January, 40% of Canadians were in favour of ending restrictions. That had grown to 54% by the end of January and two weeks later 64% want them to end.

Prime Minister Trudeau warns government employees

With support growing in Canada for those calling for an end of the COVID mandates, Prime Minister Trudeau warns government employees not to criticize the federal government’s handling of the crisis.

READ: Health Canada Employees Told Not to Express Opinions ‘Critical’ of Government

Ottawa Major continues to function as Canada’s Prime Minister

Meanwhile, the mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson, continues to function as the defunct Prime Minister of Canada. According to Fox News, Mayor Watson asked the protesters to pull their trucks out of residential areas because it was hurting local businesses. The truckers agreed. READ: Ottawa mayor and ‘Freedom Convoy’ agree to move trucks from residential areas

Who knows what would have happened if Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, had chosen to talk with the convoy leaders instead of hiding and then insulting the truckers by calling them Nazis and racists.

Ontario ends COVID restrictions?

Rob Ford, the premier of Canada’s largest province, Ontario, has just announced that he will be ending COVID restrictions including the need for Vaccine passports effective March 1, 2022.

Ford added, with a straight face, that he did this despite the trucker protests calling for the end of COVID mandates in Canada. READ: Ford says end of Ontario vaccine certificates on March 1 comes ‘despite’ trucker protests

Ontario will be joining Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, which have provided a plan to end COVID restrictions including vaccine passports.

Now for the painfully obvious

This tweet also explains why this Freedom Convoy 2022 had to happen.

Norway ends all covid restrictions

Meanwhile, the rest of the world is ending the COVID restrictions. READ: Norway to end the majority of its remaining COVID-19 restrictions, giving credit to mass vaccination

Meanwhile, in Australia

A shocking video shows thousands of people in Australia protesting COVID mandates.

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