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Seeing bravery gives us courage

The truckers who are in Ottawa calling for an end to the Omicron mandates are giving Canadians and people around the world the courage to stand up to the elitist politicians and mainstream media and say enough is enough.

People have been scared to oppose the mandates publicly.

A recent CTV article in Canada, started off with these mocking words, “The so-called ‘Freedom Convoy’ protest.” A subtle warning that anyone opposing the government’s mandates will be targeted.

Anyone publicly opposing Trudeau’s Omicron mandates should also expect to be labeled as a Nazi or racist by the country’s Prime Minister.

The protest started shortly after the Trudeau government announced on Jan 15, 2022, that all truckers coming into Canada and returning had to be fully vaccinated. This included Canadian truckers returning from US deliveries. There was outrage, because truckers simply drive into Canada pulling a trailer, unhitch, hitch up another trailer and return home.

The world was shocked, as tens of thousands of truckers traveled across Canada to the country’s capital city, Ottawa, calling for an end to all the mandates.

Canadians just don’t do this type of thing, people said.

The truckers were cheered on by tens of thousands of Canadians, who lined the roads as the convoys wound through towns and cities to Ottawa.

And with that, Canadians gained courage.

Poll revealed a dramatic shift in people’s attitudes about the lockdowns

A poll in early January revealed that 40% of Canadians wanted to see an end to the Omicron mandates, in a matter of two weeks, as the truckers journeyed to Ottawa, that number jumped to 54%.

Liberal MPs are standing up to Prime Minister Trudeau

There were Members of Parliament (MP) within Trudeau’s own Liberal Party who didn’t agree with the Prime Minister’s heavy-handed approach to the mandates, but were too scared to say anything. They remember how the Prime Minister treated a native woman who dared to stand up to him a couple of years earlier. READ: Trudeau defends his feminist credentials as 2 expelled women MPs insist they acted on principle

Though Joel Lightbound, a Liberal Member of Parliament from Quebec, didn’t necessarily agree with the trucker protests, it gave him the courage to challenge Trudeau’s mandates, and he held a news conference calling for them to be ended. He said there were many in the party who agreed it was time to end the madates. Source: House of Commons proceedings, Feb 8, 2022

A day later, another Liberal MP from Quebec, MP Yves Robillard, expressed his opposition to Trudeau’s mandates and added in his interview with The Hill Times, “He (Lightbound) said exactly what a lot of us think.” READ: Another Liberal MP breaks ranks with Trudeau’s vax policy

Canada’s provincial governments are starting to end mandates

The provincial governments, which the mainstream media and social media have terrorized over the past two years, finally gained courage and started announcing an end to the mandates after the truckers arrived in Ottawa.

Nova Scotia is the latest to announce it is winding down its mandates and will be joining Alberta, PEI, Saskatchewan, and Quebec who have made similar announcements, that included in a couple instances an end to the vaccine passports. READ: Canadian provinces lift COVID mandates amid Freedom Convoy protests

Sparked by Canada, protests are taking place around the world

And then a strange thing started happening. Trucker convoys calling for an end to the Omicron mandates started being organized in countries around the world, sparked by what was happening in Canada.

READ: Canadian-style trucker protests spread throughout the world: In Netherlands, New Zealand, UK, US, truckers driving in solidarity with Canadian convoy

There are even reports of Canadian flags showing up in the protests.

READ: Waving Canadian flags, French ‘freedom convoy’ gets underway

People are tired of the mandates, and they want life to return to normal, and they needed someone brave enough to stand up to the political and media elites.

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