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Study: Drinking up to 3 cups of ground coffee a day helps you live longer

Credit: Nathan Dumlao/

As a confirmed coffee addict, I have decided, without bias, of course, to report on any studies that support and enhance my addiction.

The Daily Mail reports that a recent study by researchers from London’s Queen’s University and Hungary’s Semmelweis University has concluded that drinking up to three cups of ground coffee a day will increase your life span.

The study came to this conclusion after following a group of people with an average of 56 for 11 years. Twenty-two percent of the group did not drink coffee, 58% drank up to three cups a day, and 20% drank more than three cups.

The study found that compared to non-coffee drinkers, those who drank between .5 cups and three cups a day were:

  • 12% less likely to die;
  • 17% less likely to die from cardiovascular problems;
  • 21% less like to experience a stroke; and
  • Less likely to have diabetes.

The study found that those who drank more than three cups a day or drank instant coffee showed no beneficial results and were the equivalent to non-coffee drinkers.

READ: Want to live longer? Drink up to three cups of coffee each day, scientists say… but make sure it’s ground NOT instant!

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