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Facebook sees its number of logins decline for the first time in history

For the first time in its storied history, Facebook has seen its number of users decline. Facebook opened its doors on Oct 28, 2003 under the name of FaceMask. It would change its name to TheFacebook in Feb 2004.

The Dailymail reports that Facebook, which typically has 1.93 billion people logging in daily, saw its number of logins shrink by nearly 500,000 daily during the last three months of 2021.

This combined with lower ad revenues because of Tik Tok has resulted in a 22.6% decline in the stock price of Facebook’s parent company, Meta, a $200 billion reduction in the company’s value.

READ: Facebook loses users for the first time EVER: Shares plummet 20%, wiping $200BN off value of parent-firm Meta after it revealed 500,000 fewer daily log-ins and declining profits – Zuckerberg’s personal wealth takes $29BN hit

Of course, Facebook has gone woke and continues to censor and ban any groups it personally doesn’t agree with. Apparently, its administrators haven’t figured out if they continue doing this, people will go elsewhere. READ: US truckers slam Facebook for removing page organizing DC freedom convoy: ‘Censorship at its finest’

They allegedly did the same thing to a Facebook group supporting the ‘Freedom Convoy 2022’ in Canada. READ: Facebook censors trucker convoy group

RELATED: Conservative Group Says Facebook ‘Heavily Censored’ It

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