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Video: Truck convoy arrives in Ottawa, Canada

While the rest of the world is slowly winding down the COVID mandates, Canada remains one of the last holdouts to the good ole days.

Meanwhile, the massive truck convoy travelling across Canada arrived in Ottawa last night, as tens of thousands of Canadians call for Prime Minister Trudeau to end the COVID mandates.

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A view of the convoy from street level:

Tucker Carlson interviews Benjamin Dichter, one of the organizers of the ‘Freedom Convoy 2022.

International media are covering the protest:

BRITAIN: Canada’s ‘Freedom Convoy’ of up to 50,000 truckers begins to arrive in Ottawa ahead of a weekend of protests against the vaccine requirements to cross the US-Canada border

SCOTLAND: Support growing for Canada truckers as 45-mile ‘Freedom Convoy’ heads for Ottawa

AMERICA: Crowd in Ontario cheers on anti-vaccine mandate truck convoy

AUSTRALIA: Canadian truckies in ‘Freedom Convoy’ over mandatory jab rule

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