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Daily Mail: Five reasons for optimism about Omicron

Despite the fact, that the much milder COVID variant, Omicron, is sweeping Britain, there are signs of hope.

In a recent article, the Daily Mail provided five reasons for optimism.

First, it points to incidental hospital admissions

Though it appears that COVID cases are going up in hospitals, in fact, people are going for treatment for other issues and testing positive in the hospital. Many are not in the hospital for COVID but with COVID. Even the country’s National Health Service is acknowledging this. Hospitalizations are less than half of what they were in January 2021.

Secondly, the COVID surge has stopped

While the number of new Omicron cases was doubling every couple of days before Christmas, that surge has clearly stopped. Despite people getting together over Christmas, the daily count of new cases has already dropped by half, indicating the numbers are already starting to flatten.

Thirdly, shorter hospital stays

Though people are being hospitalized because of Omicron, their stays in hospitals are shorter, averaging just three days. And while hospitalizations are going up, the number of people in ICUs is actually declining.

Fourthly, Omicron is not as deadly

Despite the rise in Omicron cases, the death rate is not keeping pace. Though Britain is now reporting record-high numbers of COVID cases, on Dec 27, 2021, Britain reported just 18 deaths from Omicron, and so far averages about 80 deaths a day, compared to 1,000 deaths a day in January 2021.

Fifthly, the vaccines seem to be working

Forty percent of those hospitalized because of Omicron are unvaccinated, as are most of the people in ICUs.

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