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Dr. John Campbell video: 80% of Omicron hospitalizations were in the hospital for other reasons

While the mainstream media and the political and medical elite are terrorizing the world about the arrival of the Omicron variant, Dr. John Campbell continues to be a voice of re

Cory Brooks: The problem of fatherless children in America

With Chicago becoming the most dangerous city in America, Cory Brooks, the pastor of New Beginnings Church, started a 100 day and night vigil on a rooftop in Woodlawn in an effort to raise money for a new community center to help fight the rising violence in the city. Each night, Brooks releases an episode related to the violence affecting his community.

Three keys to answered prayer

There have been books written on how to have a successful prayer life by people who have studied and lived a life of prayer. So, I don’t want to come across as someone who has the final answer on what it takes to have your prayers answered. But I do want to discuss a teaching that Jesus gave about prayer in Luke 18:1-8, which provides several keys to successful prayer. In this parable, Jesus talked about a widow who was seeking justice from a corrupt judge. The Lord described the judge as a man who did not fear God or care about what people thought of him (v 2). He was a narcissist. All he cared about was himself. In other words, justice was for sale in that town. Judges in this day typically travelled from village to village, where they set up a tent, so people could come to plead their case. Often you had to bribe the tent’s gatekeeper just to get a hearing, much less a favourable ruling. And Jesus used this …